About Us

     Happiness is at the heart of Beautiful Bliss. We like making people smile and making pretty things. Because your best interest is important to us, we create lightweight, yet high-quality products made with nickel-free components. We use genuine hardwoods and genuine leather ensuring that your jewelry will last. By using intricate designs and exotic materials, we produce pieces that are as unique as you are! 

How We Got Started:
Brooke Icenberger founded Beautiful Bliss in June of 2020.

A little bit about me,

      I’m a former barista and now full-time maker who  spent the past few years making coffee. I spent this time creating not only great coffee, but great relationships with my customers as well. This is how two of my passions came together. A regular of the coffee shop, Bob of Broken Tree Designs, invited me out to his custom furniture shop.

      After spending time there and learning some handiwork, I was inspired to channel into my creative outlet and put my artisan hands to work. Because of my excessive earring collection, jewelry was clearly the market for me to serve.

      Starting this company has given me the opportunity to challenge myself, to try new things, and to grow. I’ve always been a big believer in, “if you do what you love, you love what you do.” So go for it. Pursue your passions. Follow your dreams. Be fearless and don’t let anything hold you back. Let our pieces be a reminder that risks, change, and strong work ethic can come together and produce beautiful things. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful and to bring you a little bliss.